Thursday, January 2, 2014

Bronx Cafe Lou's

 Tuesday June 17 and June 24, 2014
10:30 pm Lifestyle Channel 56
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World Wide Salsa Explosion


Luis Chaluisan WBGU and Broadcast Television 
 My life as a poet and performer would be nowhere 
without Steve Cannon
He published and inspired me to write my 
Book SPIC CHIC and develop it as a 
successful Off Broadway Play by first having it 
presented at Tribes. SPIC CHIC 10th 
Anniversary 2011 By: El Extreme Luis Chaluisan 
 premiere performance 
Nov 8, 2001 Tribes Gallery Produced by Steve Cannon 
Premiere of Spic Chic A Gathering Of The Tribes Gallery
Amy Shand is producing a documentary for The New School 

on the blind guy 
(Steve Cannon) and Tribes past and present, she's looking for 
1) poems/writing about or inspired by Steve/Tribes/LES 
2) old footage and photos. 
Please email or send her a 
facebook message! Many thanks!

"Extreme Beats" roughrican productions (c) 2013 
El Extreme Luis Chaluisan Collaboration Project with ReverbNation Associates. Feel free to download and add your Spoken Word/Instrumentation/Vocal for inclusion on our Recognition Awards 2014 Celebration. Rocker Roller Rican WEPAwebTV - New Edge Theater
1. Parental Control
2. Wild Redux
3. El BX Reggaeton
4. Memories and Dreams
5. Cha Cha Hip Hop
6. BK Reggaeton
7. Nuyo Reggaeton
8. King Beat
9. Nuyorican Swing
10.Dangerous Mind
11.BX Riviera  

  • LITTLE OTIS AND THE UPSETTERS Sept. 21, 1984 BG News Article Six days before the live show featured on the CD album "1984 Little Otis and The Upsetters", the BG News featured us in the article below. (Album: Professor William L. Schurk (BGSU Music Archivist-William T. Jerome Music Library) is adding the recording (Plus La Gran Orquesta El Extreme Recordings) to the nationally recognized Archive. The Music Library and Sound Recordings Archives (ML/SRA) support curriculum in Music, Popular Culture, and American Culture Studies. With almost a million recordings, the Sound Recordings Archives represents the largest collection of popular music recordings in an academic library in North America. Our collections also include books, scores, and video formats covering music studies from multiple angles.
    Little Otis And The Upsetters RECORDED LIVE AT KAUFMAN'S September 27, 1984 (Now SAM B'S) Norman (Ras Man)Jones-Percussion/Vocals Rhythm Child Grant Friedrich-Drums Phil Berg - Saxophone/Flute Stan Middleton-Trombone Ron Wagner-Bass Billy Hanway-Guitar Tim "Timbo" Sewer - Harp Luis Chaluisan (Little Otis) Vocals/Conga Guest: Ron Nitszh (The Ruse) Guitar
    Prelude: Jazz Sax Interlude Solo (Phil Berg) First Set: 1. People Are You Ready (Reggae) 2. Get It While It's Hot (Original) 3. Kansas City (Jazz Blues) 4. Heart Break Hotel: (Funk version) 5. I Shot The Sheriff (Reggae) 6. Never Going To Give You Up (Musical Youth Reggae) 7. I Love a Revolution-Sesame Street Theme (Reggae) 8. The Letter (with Ron Nitszh of "The Ruse") 9. No Woman No cry (Bilingual) 10. Mony Mony (Frat Party Song Cover with Sax-Percussion breaks) 11. Twistin Around The World (Punk Party Song Cover)
    About LITTLE OTIS AND THE UPSETTERS 1982-84: "The name is a play on the two R&B artists we want to emulate – Little Richard (with Jimi Hendrix on guitar covering all the horn lines) and Otis Redding (backed by Booker T) topped off by the sound of Sam The Sham and his Pharoahs. There’s a popular group in the area called the Exciterz so I do a play on their moniker for our band The Upsetters. We eventually split a profitable gig billed as A Night To Excite and Upset You. It’s a peculiar mix of crowds. We’re homeboys and fraternity girls. They’re gothic and leather. But the night comes off great as we rotate the sets. It was the first time that’s done in Bowling Green and it’s pure theater and profitable. Everyone gets paid that night. A good party always rocks. The thing about rock and roll, like salsa, is that it allows you to do what’s on your mind and accent it with a kicking beat. If your clever enough you can transcend the form. A lot of bar bands do on a nightly level."