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Latin NY XXI Salsa Luis Chaluisan Salsa Magazine

"Rocker Roller Rican" 
2014 / International Puerto Rican Heritage Film Festival 
Friday, November 14, 2014 from 6:30 PM to 7:30 PM (EST) 
New York, NY 
Mr Salsa Izzy Sanabria aparece en 
"Salsa La historia Jamás Contada" 
Informe Especial en el Documental 
"Rocker Roller Rican" (75 minutos) 
La vida y época de Intérprete 
Nuyorican El Extreme Luis Chaluisan. 
Cómo el término magico se 
en una industria y 
una nueva generación de 
Jovenes Puertorriqueño 
forjando su nueva identidad 
Latina y presencia en los Estados Unidos
(Primera Selección)

Mr Salsa Izzy Sanabria Stars In 

"Salsa The Untold Story" 
Part of "Rocker Roller Rican Documentary"
 (FINAL CUT: 75 minutes) 
The Life And Times Of Nuyorican Performer 
El Extreme Luis Chaluisan 
How the magic term transforms an industry 
and a new generation of 
Puerto Rican Baby Boomers 
forging their new Latino identity 
and presence in the U.S.
Free preview and dropbbox download of
1975 Film Debut
Meet Mr Salsa 
For The First Time
January 1977 
At El Teatro El Porton
Felix Romero Isa Diaz 1977 
Read Lefty Barretto's  
Nobody's Hero 
Spring 1977
He was to become a Mentor and Friend
 Lefty on Left - Soledad on Right
Meet Al Santiago
The Genius Producer Of Alegre
And Another Mentor
June 1977
"Loisaida" As I Witness It in 1977-79 

101 Avenue A 1977

Young Lord Eddie Figueroa became a mentor in 1977 when I visited his Arts Center "The New Rican Vilage. Eddie Figueroa was typical of his Nuyorican generation in that he was a man of the street, a picaresque figure whose narrative combined the hustler’s pregón and the semi-intellectual air of the counterculture.  "The Arts is a way for us to express  our culture, our beliefs to a large audience. Our main philosophy is about personal growth. People developing their own potentilities. Their capacities learning who theyare, how this operates .. psychology. For example, we start working on a play by Pedro Pietri in a couple of weeks. Pedro is by far one of our more important writers. He's always been ahead of the curve. He's   very laid back and a lot of people can't understand what it is seeing things from their points of view but he's a visionary. His stuff is out there.  He shows relationships well, the ridiculousess and the tragedy of our relationships. Jesus is Leaving is an example of this but it wasn't executed well. The actors didn't put that across but the script did.  He has a play that just closed called The Living Room which is about mental illness and the piece that we're going to do What Goes Down Must Come Up which is about relationships. More things are hapening on radio than TV for us. The music on radio and a lot of the happenings that are ocurring now are being documeted on radio, not TV. I see cable TV as going to develop in the future for us. The focus moving into the eighties is more personal. If you want to call it politics it would be the politics of responsibilty. Are we going to be responsible  for the space that we occupy? Are we going to be responsible for educating ourselves in developing our own awareness and getting at the root of what it is?"   The New Rican Village is a music driven venue that features guerilla salsa by Conjunto Libre. While punk rock and new wave bands like The Talking Heads, Blondie and Kid Creole develop around them in the East Village, the Gonzalez brothers explore Afro Caribbean rhythms as reactionary head music with the New Rican house band. Andy and Jerry Gonzalez (Conjunto Libre) lead a pack of musicians who carve a special niche of their own in Latin music history. They perform each Thursday night. Flute player Nestor Torres, pianist Hilton Ruiz and saxophonist Mario Rivera (with his Salsa Refugees) stand out. Nestor is fresh from Puerto Rico. Nestor got here four years earlier with his family. A conservatory-trained musician who studies with Alberto Socarras (the first jazz flute solo on record is attributed to Socarras in 1928), Nestor Torres is a delight to meet and related to my father’s side of the family. His tone is pure. He plays the flute percussively dancing on top of the conga rhythms as a butterfly darts over a field of lilies. The genius of Nestor and bassist Andy Gonzalez is how they develop a musical language while they play. Each anticipates the others rhythmic patterns, notes, key changes while locked in a unique conversation of beats. When the music between Andy and Nestor is really happening there’s a deep communication that occurs where the two are one  in touch with their most inner selves. Their signature piece is a bass/flute duet entitled Tres Palabras -- Three Words. Their sound could be translated just as simply in three words: It was heavy. 
The Holy Grail At Latin NY

I meet him covering an appearance at Fordham College Lincoln Center. He splits a bill with ORQUESTA CIMARRON fronted by the tremendous Rafael De Jesus and develop a casual acquaintance. He is a very affable man. Obviously high but emanating a strange sort of spirituality. From the few conversations I have with him and encounters when I fall deep in the life with a West Indian Posse in my neighborhood during the mid eighties, I come to the conclusion what a bitch it is to be a professional Salsa Star. Not a life I ever want. At the same time my devotion remains intact to his career. Buy every album and learn to sing Salsa by memorizing ten of his songs. I am in Tucson when he passes away. It pretty much bums out the musicians I am playing with at the time. I'm not ashamed to say I cry for a 45 minutes straight the night of his death. The kind of cry where you can't catch your breath - sollosando. RIP Papito. Love you madly.

Issue I Was Hired
 Cover Story Report 
On Los Papines 1977
Meet Pedro Pietri 
And The Original 
Nuyorican Poet-Arts Scene 
At 503 East 6th Street 
While on Assignment
July 1977 
Is a frequent visitor to Latin NY
While He Is On Broadway
With Zoot Suit
Eléments bibliographiques : CHALUISAN, Luis. 1978. 
"Mongo's Magic spell".
Latin NY (April 1978) : 20-23, photos. 
La composition la plus célèbre de RS est certainement
Afro-Blue dont l'interprétation de John Coltrane domine le lot de
la vingtaine d'enregistrements qui en a été faite, même celui de
Count Basie et celui de Dizzy... mais c'est une question de goût.
D'autres compositions - moins connues sans doute - sont intéressantes
Yambú, Mi guaguancó. Quand on compile les enregistrements, on constate
que RS a enregistré seulement deux standards cubains (El Manisero -
Manteca), tandis qu'il a gravé plusieurs tubes de jazz (All the things
you are - Body & Soul - Summertime - You are on my mind).


Invited To Salsa Dance 
with Brooklyn Philharmonic  
By David Amram Premiere Of 
Summer 1977

A Kindness I Gratefully Returned In 2004
Inviting David To Tour 
In Europe 
David Amram's `Upbeat' Memoir 
A Riff On A Full Life 
Upbeat: Nine Lives of a Musical Cat 
 (Paradigm; 322 pages; $23.95) 
is filled with an almost manic glee, 
a hunger for experience, knowledge 
and kinship that is positively infectious. 
Former Albany Poet/musician 
Luis Chaluisan 
makes an appearance 
in a chapter titled 
"Natural Ambassadors," 
which focuses on Amram's efforts 
in the Latin musical community. 
MICHAEL ECK Albany Times Union

My Editorial Mentors While At Latin NY
Far Left: Soledad Santiago Middle: Piri Thomas 
Next to Piri: Lefty Barretto 1977 

  Felix Romero - Isa Diaz
Performing with Felix Romero's  
Teatro Puerto Rico
 Teatro Otra Cosa Drummers: Performing at 
Lincoln Center Plaza in New York City 1977. 
Teatro Otra Cosa was founded by Felix Romero 
my mentor in Bomba Dancing. 
This was my Creative FAMILY 
and remain my daily inspiration to create.
(Much love l-r Ayoka, Jose Manzo, 
Joe Sircus, Felix Romero and James Cherry)

Favorite Bronx 
Neighborhood Salsa Club

On Tour With Fania All Stars 
In Puerto Rico with  Ruben Blades and Papo Lucca
Relaxing Before Show At Coleseo Roberto Clemente 

Miguel Pinero's 

Solo Singing 
 Christmas Show 
With Teatro Otra Cosa

Marijuana Enters My Lungs As 
Plays In The Background
March 17, 1979
Sunday Night 5:30 PM
Smith College  

Hartford. Connecticut 1979
ON THE ROAD 1979-2010